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Most families now own far more complex asset mixes than generations past. Even modest households, by today’s standard, may own a diverse investment portfolio.

Trying to account for this expanding universe of “property” in a standardized boilerplate will all but guarantee gaps, disputes, and unintended outcomes.

Yet we still regularly see clients shocked when an outdated will sparks infighting and turmoil among loved ones. Without clear language, lengthy court deliberations often ensue – draining estate value rapidly through legal fees as relatives argue over inheritance rights.

That is why, our estate planning attorneys devote our time and attention to understanding your unique asset portfolio and family circumstances before ever drafting your will.

No client situation is too complex or niche as we translate your wishes into air-tight legal documents designed to withstand scrutiny.

Rest your family’s future in good hands. Contact our Memphis will lawyers today.


Why Proper Will Preparation Matters

Under Tennessee law, drafting a customized will is essential to dictate how your assets will be distributed when you pass away.

Without clear legal documentation of your wishes, the state intestacy laws determine who inherits your property. This default distribution may not align with your intentions or family dynamics.

We have seen first-hand the disputes and complications that arise when no will exists. This often means additional court proceedings and legal costs deducted from the estate value before your loved ones receive their inheritance. But you can avoid intestacy pitfalls and exert control over your legacy with a properly drafted will outlining your wishes.


Complexities of Memphis Wills

While a basic will may seem straightforward, nuances often arise, requiring legal expertise. For instance, blended families with step-children require careful consideration around distribution wishes and potential tensions.

Those with property in other states must include specific language to cover those assets. In second marriages, balancing the needs of a new spouse while still providing for children can become complicated.

Our experience handling Memphis estate plans covers all of these scenarios and more.

We can strategically address shared custody of minors, special needs dependents, concerns around litigation or malpractice liability, simultaneous deaths, and any other unique situation our clients face.

Our goal is to craft customized wills that withstand legal scrutiny and clearly translate clients’ intentions.


Tailoring Wills to Your Needs

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all template approach, we believe no two clients’ situations are exactly alike. Through extensive consultation, we gain an in-depth understanding of your family dynamics, asset types, existing estate planning tools, wishes for inheritance distribution, and any foreseen issues that must be handled sensitively in the will.

With all key considerations mapped out, we transform your legacy goals into clear legal terminology and execution instructions catered to your circumstances.

For instance, wills often specify:

  • Executors or trustees: naming responsible persons to oversee the will and corresponding trusts
  • Guardians: designating guardians for any minor children or dependents
  • Distribution framework: precisely directing asset division – percentages, amounts, conditions, trusts, etc.
  • Contingency instructions: addressing simultaneous deaths, disputes over the will, unforeseen exclusions from inheritance, etc.

Every decision point is carefully weighed to set your heirs up for the smoothest possible asset transfer aligned with your values.


Our Step-by-Step Will-Drafting Process

With years of experience crafting Memphis estate plans, our will creation process reflects extensive refinement for efficiency while remaining focused on clients’ needs above all else. Here is what you can expect:

Comprehensive Initial Meeting

We devote extensive time upfront to understand the full breadth of your situation, wishes, and concerns. No detail is too small, complex, or sensitive as we discuss:

  • Family members involved
  • Key assets requiring distribution
  • Any foreseen tension/dispute areas
  • Special needs situations
  • Tax considerations
  • Inheritance values and division

You can expect patient, compassionate legal counsel explaining options so you feel fully empowered in deciding your legacy.


Precise Will Drafting

With comprehensive notes from our consultation, we translate your legacy decisions into legal terminology for an air-tight Memphis will catered to your unique circumstances. We handle every detail down to the wording required under Tennessee law.


Collaborative Review

Once a draft is complete, we reconvene to walk through the full will section-by-section, answering questions and revising any component not perfectly aligned with your vision. We refuse to finalize a will our clients do not feel absolute clarity and confidence around.


Proper Execution

Finally, we oversee the signing and witness process to ensure full compliance with legal formalities making your will enforceable under Tennessee law. We provide a copy for your records and can facilitate secure storage options.


Revisiting Your Will Over Time

While finalizing a customized will provides peace of mind that your legacy wishes are formally outlined, the reality of life means circumstances rarely stay stagnant for long. As major life events unfold, having an outdated will still legally in effect poses several troubling risks:

  • Failing to Account for New Family Members — Marriages, births/adoptions, or unfortunate loss of beneficiaries alter the family tree. An outdated will may entirely omit new loved ones you now intend to provide and care for. Conversely, it may incorrectly include those no longer living.
  • Asset Changes — Beyond evolving family structures, your property and net worth also likely shift substantially across the years. An old will can’t possibly account for possessions acquired after drafting – leaving them unintentionally excluded from your estate plan.
  • Moving Out-of-State — Relocating anywhere outside Tennessee, even temporarily, means your existing will may not hold up legally. Getting resident status in a new state impacts inheritance laws, taxes, property rights, and the validity of formerly compliant will documentation.
  • Change in Executor Availability — If your designated executor specified in the will becomes unable or unwilling to serve over time, confusion over who controls administering your estate arises quickly without proper updates.

For all these reasons and more, we recommend revisiting wills with your Memphis estate planning lawyer every 2 to 5 years as a best practice. Doing so requires far less adjustment compared to starting completely from scratch. We offer existing clients specialized rates for minor will updates reflecting their fresh circumstances.

And our door always remains open whenever sporadic questions or legacy decisions surface outside periodic review windows – just reach out by phone or email anytime. We aim to provide enduring value, safeguarding your posthumous interests across the years.


Protect Your Legacy and Loved Ones With an Ironclad TN Will

When that fateful day comes that your loved ones must say final goodbyes, you want them embraced by certainty, not conflict.

After years of legal experience and thousands of Memphis estate plans created to preserve family harmony, you can trust us to help thoughtfully shape your legacy. Let’s discuss your current situation, intentions, assets, and any foreseeable complexities. With our compassionate guidance every step of the way, we transform your values and priorities into customized documents ready to stand the test of time.

Contact us now to begin your legacy mapping consultation. Our family looks forward to helping yours.

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