Service-Connected Disability Claims in Memphis

In order for the VA to provide benefits for your disability claim, you must establish that the condition is directly connected to your military service. If your disability is not military connected, you are not entitled to compensation.

It can be difficult in some cases to link a physical or mental disability to your time in the military. Because of this, it is highly advised to seek the assistance of a dedicated benefits attorney. Our trusted legal team could assist you with pursuing service-connected disability claims in Memphis.

The Importance of a Military Connection in a Claim

The benefits available through the VA are only available for disabled veterans who are living with a condition caused by their time in the military. These benefits are not designed to cover veterans who are suffering from a disability that is unrelated to their service. For that reason, establishing that a disability is service-related is a necessary step in securing benefits from the Memphis VA.

If a veteran suffers a serious injury in combat or during a training mission, any health consequences that stem from that injury could result in disability benefits. While many disability claims result from combat, that is not always the case. Any condition that results from your time on active duty could qualify for benefits, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This is true even if the signs and symptoms of a condition are not evident until after the person leaves the military.

The amount of time a person spends in the military is not taken into consideration when the VA review these claims. Because of this, there is no risk of missing out on disability benefits in cases where an injury occurred immediately after beginning active duty. As long as there is a clear link between a disability and an event that occurred during active-duty military service, VA benefits could be a possibility.

When is a Service Connection Presumed in Memphis?

There are times when the VA will not require a veteran to make the case that their condition is service related. In these cases, the VA could presume that the condition in question is directly related to a person’s time in the military. This is known as a presumptive service connection.

It is unnecessary to establish a service connection nexus for conditions that are presumed to be related to active-duty military service. In addition to suffering from a condition that is on the presumptive list, there are also time restrictions that could apply.

In many cases in Memphis, there is only a presumption of connectivity if the signs of a disability manifest during a set window of time following discharge from the military. Some conditions must manifest within a year of discharge. Others are only presumed to be service-related if they appear within 90 days. Conditions that manifest outside of this window of time could still result in benefits, but it will be necessary to prove a connection.

Talk to an Attorney about Your Service-Connected Disability Claims in Memphis

If you are living with a disabling condition that stems from your time on active duty, you might be entitled to monetary benefits from the VA. To qualify for these benefits, you must make the case that your disability is connected to your time in the military. Let an experienced attorney help you pursue your service-connected disability claim in Memphis. Call our office now to learn more about your options.

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