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The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides monetary benefits for certain qualifying disabled individuals regardless of their prior work history. These benefits are paid through a program referred to as Supplemental Security Income (SSI). A dedicated government benefits attorney could assist with securing SSI payments.

Supplemental Security Income is not available to every disabled person, and many applicants have their applications denied on their first attempt. The good news is that an experienced attorney could help address these denials during the appeal process. Retaining a trusted Memphis SSI lawyer could make all the difference in your attempt to receive SSI benefits.

Who Qualifies for SSI in Memphis?

If the SSA considers awarding these benefits, there are two important factors they consider: the applicant having a qualifying disability and the applicant’s financial circumstances. A Memphis SSDI lawyer serving Memphis could assist with demonstrating both of these qualifications.


One of the primary requirements for SSI eligibility is having a disability recognized by the Social Security Administration. In some cases, meeting this requirement is as simple as securing a diagnosis of a condition on the SSA’s list of recognized disabilities. This being so, benefits could still be available based on conditions that are not on this list. As long as an applicant can show they are limited in their ability to maintain employment due to a condition, they could qualify for SSI.

Income Threshold

In addition to establishing that they are disabled, applicants must also fall within the necessary income threshold to be entitled to SSI benefits. These benefits are limited to low-income individuals, and anyone that is above the threshold does not qualify. The threshold is measured monthly and varies from one state to another.

When the SSA calculates whether or not income is above the threshold, they take into account more than just earned wages. Other assets like pensions or spousal support are also taken into account.

Appealing a Social Security Income Denial

Many people find that their initial SSI claim is denied by the Social Security Administration. While a rejected claim can be frustrating, it is not necessarily the final word. With the help of a Memphis attorney, it could be possible to appeal a Social Security income denial.

The initial step of the SSI appeals process is referred to as a request for reconsideration. As the name suggests, this is a request that the SSA reconsider the decision on the original application. If this effort is unsuccessful, an applicant could ask for a hearing in front of an administrative law judge.

The final stage within the SSA is known as the Appeals Council, and it has the option to refuse to hear appeals. There are additional options if the Appeals Council hears the case and upholds the denial. This final appeal option allows the applicant to step outside of the SSA entirely and involves a federal lawsuit to challenge the denial in court.

Talk to a Memphis SSI Attorney As Soon As Possible

If you are dealing with financial hardship due in part to your disability, you might be entitled to recover SSI benefits. These benefits include strict income requirements that must be met. If you are considering an application for benefits, reach out to a Memphis SSI lawyer as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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